Chuong Le Nhat


Spot a Pet is an iOS app which was thought up by Doan, our CEO. Have you ever seen a stray dog or cat around your neighborhood? You can now use the iOS app to tag the stray pet with a picture and geolocation to help the owner find their beloved pet. This pro-bono project was designed and developed in-house.


Ambi is a smartlock concept prototype before its time. We provides many design services including, website and mobile app design, industrial design (3D rendering), concept design.


Boxbee was one of our earlier clients. The CEO of Boxbee reached out to us with a task to complete their web application in time for their presentation for We pulled all our resources, designed and developed the web in time for the event. Boxbee won the best in show award.


A mini project which we helped to redesign their web site and mobile application


As one of our oldest clients, G-Technology initally reached out to us for help with Quality Assurance but ended up outsourcing their entire software QA process to Blue Otter. During the 6 years of engagement, we provided software QA, QA consulting, staffing, website redesign and implementation, FTUX for up-and-coming product releases, and project management.


Stow & Co., seeing the success of Boxbee, asked us to help build a mobile application for them to enter the market. We pulled together a dream team to design and develop a webapp and mobile application for Stow & Co. This project is the core of what we do. We listened to our client’s idea and was able to come up with a strategy and timeline for our client. The project was delivered on schedule and we stayed within budget!


As our first client, Handle holds a special place in our hearts. Over the course of almost five years, we started from providing IT and DevOps services, setting up CI/CD using Jenkins, then moved into quality assurance once there was a product to test using modular blackbox testing and automation scripting.


Interana is a scalable behavioral analytics solutions to answer critical business questions about how customers behave and how products are used. Interana allows users to analyze and explore the metrics that matter in a data-driven world.

In 2016, Blue Otter dispatched testers and technical leads to embed themselves full-time at Interana’s headquarters. In this way, our client was able to build a QA team overnight that can easily scale up or down according to their project needs and budget, saving Interana time and money.

At Blue Otter, not only do we do manual and automated testing of Interana’s frontend, but we also test the backend. We build server cluster configurations to mimic real world use cases to test for fault tolerance and resilience. We build real-time data pipelines to test data ingest — from Amazon Web Services integration to Kafka and Zookeeper configuration, we take a technical and strategic approach to ensure everything behind the scene is functional.


Sparrow is a collaboration from a bunch of curious, fun loving, semi-crazy tech folks living and breeding all around the Bay Area, California. Team Sparrow currently works with or has worked with a tonne of companies including: Apple, Amazon LAB 126, Hitachi, CNET, ZDNET, G-Technology, Seagate, Western Digital, Boxbee, Handle, Blue Otter Corp, Roxio, Glam Media, Stanford Learning, Clever Solar, Reach Media,, etc… so yeah, we have some experience.


We partnered with to help provide UX and UI design and case studies for UCSF Medical.