The majority of the products we provide through our network of global manufacturers are either CE or FDA Certified, and sometimes both.


Spot a Pet is an iOS app which was thought up by Doan, our CEO. Have you ever seen a stray dog or cat around your neighborhood? You can now use the iOS app to tag the stray pet with a picture and geolocation to help the owner find their beloved pet. This pro-bono project was designed and developed in-house.


Sparrow is a collaboration from a bunch of curious, fun loving, semi-crazy tech folks living and breeding all around the Bay Area, California. Team Sparrow currently works with or has worked with a tonne of companies including: Apple, Amazon LAB 126, Hitachi, CNET, ZDNET, G-Technology, Seagate, Western Digital, Boxbee, Handle, Blue Otter Corp, Roxio, Glam Media, Stanford Learning, Clever Solar, Reach Media,, etc… so yeah, we have some experience.


Penalty Box is a labor of love for one of our founders. It’s an idea thought up during one of our parties. We devoted resources to design unique characters and fun colors for the cards, scripted the Kickstarter video, and spent many nights testing the product. Our Kickstarter raised almost $7000 but did not reach our founding goal.

Carlton Club

This is a proof-of-concept-turned-app that is currently used on a daily basis for a group in Washington D.C. We were tasked to develop a web application and an accompanied mobile application for the group to track and register for upcoming events. We designed, built, and tested both web and mobile applications for the client.